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Bottom Dollar

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The other day, while I was out and about, I called a medical practice to set up an appointment for my twisted-up shoulder/neck/back muscle. And that’s when I found out my phone service hadn’t renewed. Hm. Well, okay, I know I’m pretty broke right now. And I had that overdraft not too long ago…but I thought I put enough in the

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This morning, I was reflecting back to last year. Just before I left my job. What had I prayed for, prior to being led by God to leave my job? Rest. Well, it occurred to me that, despite all my health issues – weakness, fatigue, headaches, and many more symptoms (which I had before I was avoiding quite this many

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Jesus Valued Women (and why that matters)

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Reblogging this post from rethink ( Jeffery has made some intriguing observations here. Thoughts? What progress has the church made to date in its view of women and the improvement of women’s status? What progress is yet to be made?

Is Depression a Sin?

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One Sunday, when I was in my mid-teens, I walked over to hang out with my girl-friends before church (technically, they probably fit more in the “acquaintance” category, but in a certain sense, I consider most people to be my friends). One of them asked me the typical question “How are you?”, and, believing at the time that such a

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