Christmas chimes

A Christmas Poem

Christmas Chimes

Snowflakes falling
Snowdrifts crawling
Across the terrain
Of the outdoor domain.
Angels singing
Echoes ringing
Reverberating on the walls
Of icicle-embellished halls.

The good news is proclaimed
Of a holy birth
In a year of old.
The message spreads like a kindled flame
Throughout the earth
What was foretold.

On Christmas day
We celebrate
The baby
Who was born to save.
The ringing chimes
Shine like the lights
That led wise men
To find the babe.

And in the same way,
We today
May find Him
By the lights that shine.
The Christmas lights
And chiming sleighs
Transport our souls
To the divine.

The secular does not exist.
For everything points back to this:
The splendor and the wonder
Of a holy babe with human mother.
Conceived by Love and purity.
Humanity graced with Divinity.

Golden bells and winter spice
Remind us of the gifts bestowed
on baby Christ
And of the sacrifice
Down the road
That He became to pay the price.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard
That which lies beyond our death,
But Christmas chimes are the watchword
To anticipate with bated breath.

Christmas songs and colors
Speak of things that are to come.
They remind us of our Lover
And of our eternal home.

Merry Christmas!! 🎄🌟

The Bleeding Blogger

© 2017 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved

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