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God Does Not Need Us

One thing I wanted to clarify from my previous post, You Have a Gift, is that we have nothing to offer God but our souls, and perhaps our gratitude for His gift of salvation to us.

Any talent or gift we have is God-given, and God is perfectly capable of accomplishing anything He wants without our help or acts of service.

My speculation is that God includes us in His work because it can be a delight for us to go along for the ride with Him, and to see our gifts put to use and touch other lives.

But we have nothing to offer Him that did not come from Him in the first place.

This is relieving, in a way, because it means that when we mess up, accidentally misuse our gifts, or have to take a break from using them – for whatever reason – God is not disappointed, and His plans are not foiled or thwarted. “The show will go on” – with or without us.

God can always choose to raise up another person to step in when we’re out of commission.

Or, He can make something happen without the use of people at all, if He chooses.

We are not God’s helpers. We are primarily His guests, who get to ride on the roller coaster with Him. (Replace “roller coaster” with something less nauseating if roller coasters make you sick. 😛 ) We get to see His love being shared with others, and we get to enjoy the ride and have fun as His love and good news are channeled through us to the people around us.

‘K, that’s all I wanted to say for now. Just felt that this might be a good clarification to make. Thanks for reading. ❤

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