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Sin from the future, past, and present,
Poured upon an earthly peasant.
A visitor from realms unknown -
Dimensions existing outside our own.
They threw upon his head a crown,
As the price for life trickled down
His arms, his hands, his back, his brow -
He was ridiculed and beaten down.

Offenses not yet materialized,
Pockmarked upon sacred flesh,
Sin bound to him to forever die
Through eternal spirit in body dressed.
Upon the beam he put to death
All of our sin with his last breath
The offering of perfect flesh
Consumed our guilt, absorbed our debt.

He died to make us one again
With God and with our fellow men.
Whoever will receive this gift
God will his soul to oneness lift.

Our bodies wither in the sun -
What treasure can be found in them?
They shrivel up just like the grass
As eternity is met again.

That eternity is ours to choose
Inside the realm of linear time.
But once our fleshly chains are loosed
And the clock stopped of our lifetime
Our destiny we will have met
Whatever we accrued of debt
Will have been washed away in red
Or ever rest upon our heads.

In melody and numbers
We are bound to him
In laws and energy
All worlds are made akin.
Music and math connect us between
Our reality here and the heavenly scene
Deep principles and energy
Unite us with eternity.

Where space is a line, and time set free
Our Father lives in eternity.
And in this world of shortened time
A Savior came to absorb our crimes
Upon Himself, in flesh he died.
In this space our God was crucified
And in His power raised to life.
We join with him to reunite.

The Spirit speaks between the realms
Of boundless time and boundless space.
He is the one that overwhelms
Our beings with eternal grace.
And pulls us out of mortal flesh
And into oneness with our God,
So when we take our final breath
We'll awake in his rest, forever in awe
Of the light and height and depth of our God
Who lives in time and ages broad -
In linear, cubic, and infinite space.
In oneness we will see his face
And be caught up in his embrace.
And endlessly we'll sing his praise.


© 2018 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved









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