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Well, we’ve made it through our first book in our Read Through the Bible journey!

Next up: the gospel of Mark.

The exciting thing about rereading the gospel story in Mark – just after reading it in Matthew – is that we get to compare the perspectives and accounts right away. We can juxtapose those accounts and integrate the information presented in each one for a more detailed story and complete picture.

Mark is the shortest of the synoptic gospels. Many events are packed into the text, which moves quickly from one story to the next.

In your reading adventures, you might notice that Mark is fond of the word “immediately” (Eutheos or euthys in Greek).

In fact, the word “immediately” appears approximately 40 times in the gospel of Mark (give or take, depending on your translation).

Mark: The Gospel of Immediacy?

Why is Immediately Used So Much in the Gospel of Mark?

Without further ado, off to Mark we go!

…Immediately. 😉

Day #29 – Mark Chapter 1


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