soul suit - space suit - earth - light - eternity - alien

Soul Suit

In Your presence I shed this flesh
For I am clothed in Your righteousness.
Earthly glory is not my identity
What can mere man do to me?

This world is not where I am from
I have a hidden, heavenly home.
I am an alien from a world
No eye has seen, no ear has heard.

With sorrows here I am acquainted
As a monster I am sometimes painted.
Mortal flesh has deemed me odd
Because I know an invisible God.

His ways are mysteries to human minds
His wisdom higher than mankind.
Mortals crave earthly signs and reason
Which my Father will show only in His season.

My earthly garb is an awkward ship
In which my alien essence sits.
Increasingly foreign is its shape
For eternal clothing my soul aches.

In Christ there is no male or female,
Jew or Greek, east or west.
Our names come from the God eternal - 
Not from human form or dress.

Adam named the fleshly creatures - 
Christ came, humans to rename
What Adam named for earthly features,
Christ in His sacrifice reclaimed -
To be known in Him - the Lamb Who was slain.

We take up our cross, we follow the name
Of the One who bore our fleshly shame.
We live in His Spirit - our meaning's in Him -
And the trappings of earth start to strangely dim.

I am not my body - my health, wealth, or form -
That's simply the suit into which I was born.
I'm an alien - finding no rest in the flesh -
But awaiting the hope of Home - heavenly rest.

The things that I do in this flesh suit I hate -
For release from this body of death I now wait.
I'm a foreigner - stunned by the strangeness of life - 
Longing for heavenly love without strife.

Those who can kill my flesh suit I fear not,
But the One who my body and my soul can blot
Into utter oblivion - without memory or life
Yes, I fear, serve, and love the Master of Light.

His flame can consume like none on this earth can -
His righteousness pierces the darkness of Man.
His power is over all spirit and flesh
He sustains everything by the wind of His breath.

No one can separate me from the love
Of my Maker and King, who His power has proved.
No insults or marks on my body can kill
My soul, which is being made new by His will.

No beatings or murder can harm me within
No gross violation cause my soul to sin.
For the things that destroy me must come from inside -
Whether God's cleansing fire or my wicked pride.

No human can separate me from my Lord -
Through torture, imprisonment, point of the sword.
For in that dark hour I'll be kept by His Spirit
And given His word, for those who will hear it.

And if my mere molecules they should combust
My treasure's in heaven, where nothing can rust.
A new and whole vessel my soul will be given
And there I will dance - on gold streets in heaven.

I am not my body - my body's not me.
In Christ alone rests my soul's identity.
No works of the flesh - no temporal merit -
Define me, but only the work of the Spirit.

© 2018 Kate Richardson All Rights Reserved

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