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Hey guys! 🙂

Since we’re not in a rush (it’s better to savor a little food than inhale a whole plate!), we’re going to take another break this week from our Read Through the Bible (RTTB) posts, for catchup, reflection, and/or time talking/resting with the Lord. Here are some quick links to books we’ve posted here so far, if you want to jump in at a particular spot:

Matthew Chapter 1

Mark Chapter 1

Luke Chapter 1

John Chapter 1

Acts Chapter 1

Romans Chapter 1

1 Corinthians Chapter 1

2 Corinthians Chapter 1

Galatians Chapter 1

Ephesians Chapter 1

Philippians Chapter 1

Colossians Chapter 1

1 Thessalonians Chapter 1

For a more specific list, see the Read Through the Bible page.

The plan is to start 2 Thessalonians next week. 🙂





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