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Biblical Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus Christ 1. Genesis 3:15 Seed of a woman (virgin birth) Galatians 4:4-5, Matthew 1:18 2. Genesis 3:15 He will bruise Satan's head Hebrews 2:14, 1 John 3:8 3. Genesis 3:15 Christ's heel would be bruised with nails on the cross Matthew 27:35, Luke 24:39-40 4. Genesis 5:24 The bodily ascension to heaven illustrated Mark 16:19, Revelation 12:5 5. Genesis 9:26, 27 The God … Continue reading Biblical Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus Christ

The fossil record - picture of fish fossil

The Fossil Record

There are gaps in the fossil graveyard, places where there should be intermediate forms, but where there is nothing whatsoever instead. No paleontologist..denies that this is so. It is simply a fact, Darwin's theory and the fossil record are in conflict. David Berlinski

junk DNA? Or intelligently designed code?

Junk DNA?

"Furthermore, the present lack of significant amounts of nucleomorph secondary DNA confirms that selection can readily eliminate functionless nuclear DNA, refuting 'selfish' and 'junk' theories of secondary DNA" (see Beaton, M.J. and T. Cavalier-Smith. 1999. Eukaryotic non-coding DNA is functional: evidence from the differential scaling of cryptomonal genomes." (Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B. 266:2053-2059.) ... There is growing evidence that non-coding DNA plays a … Continue reading Junk DNA?

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Science and God

Has anyone provided a proof of God’s inexistence? Not even close. Has quantum cosmology explained the emergence of the universe or why it is here? Not even close. Have the sciences explained why our universe seems to be fine-tuned to allow for the existence of life? Not even close. Are physicists and biologists willing to … Continue reading Science and God